EVENING & INDOOR EVENTS / Team-building workshops

Workshops of Mixing Drinks


How to surprise our guests with a good cocktail? How to mix a good aperitif
and how to distinguish between the long and the short drink?
The answers will be revealed during our bartender workshops. It won’t be only the theory – as opposite, there will be a lot of practice and tasting!

Each participant will have his own bartender stand with the ingredients to make a given cocktail. To choose: one typical manly drink in a luxurious, metal glass, based on bourbon, the second drink is made in the shaker. The third drink, based on dry ice, is also possible to choose!
In addition, during the tasting part we will present Sambucka on the coffee beans and we will try a chosen cucumber shot, or a cucumber-grape shot with horseradish.
Of course, you won’t miss the full introduction, getting know the bartender equipment, glass etc.

Working in groups and individually, the participants will learn the secrets of mixing ingredients and get to know the practical aspects of bartender work. If they want to, they can learn a lot in order to compose delicious cocktails in the future. In this way, we add something enjoyable to something useful – the knowledge about mixology that can be used in the future.

It’s worth to finish these workshops with a bartender show of the modern FLAIR art