The event and travel agency JOYevent.pl  is the only tourist organizer in Gdańsk and the entire Trójmiasto, which has such a broad tourist offer that makes use of local attractions of Pomorze… We gathered several activities which separately or in combinations are used in various types of tourist events. Below is a presentation of the services which we offer you as a tour operator:
Corporate events or integration events for companies… The integration programme is targeted at your company and adapted to your individual needs and requirements… An event of this kind is supposed to strengthen the interpersonal bonds, create mutual understanding in activities. The participants are often assigned tasks the realization of which entails breaking interpersonal barriers and, in consequence, the employees can come to a better understanding and better knowledge of their own actions… A vital element of our events is entertainment and originality… The events in focus are of two different types: the evening entertainment Programmes and the day outdoor programmes… So to better achieve our goal, we often base our programmes on interesting, often irrational scenarios.
Conferences and congresses – or professional meetings and seminars

As both, the local PCO and the DMC, we deal with complex management of conferences and congresses, mainly within the area of Pomorze and Trójmiasto. Our agency is the member of the Gdańsk Tourist Organization (Gdańska Organizacja Turystyczna, GOT) and Gdańsk Convention Bureau (GCB)… Having plenty of experience we will select a suitable object for your conference, fix accommodation for its participants and we will take care of all technical background and the entire logistics… And all this will be done in a complex and professional manner.
City Breaks & Stag Weekends – the historic city of Gdansk is located close to the sea and hills and has a vibrant nightlife. Our wide range of activities and Tri-city’s unique location guarantee an unforgettable experience for groups from all over the world. They can choose from water, air and extreme sports along with an amazing night life, clubbing and crazy parties until the crack of dawn. We organize sightseeing tours, unforgettable bike tours or SPA treatment. They can choose one of our package deals or create their own. Our qualified guides will take care that everything goes smoothly and safely and make every stay a one to remember for a long time.
Bikes, or bike tours, sightseeing tours by bike, rent a bike service

We run the only professional rent-a-bike service in Gdański and the entire Trójmiasto. We hire high class trekking bikes sized 26’’ and 28’’. We have women’s and men’s bikes in different sizes. We also have at our disposal the only seven-person integration bike in Poland.

We have prepared our authorial bike routes from Gdynia to Gdańsk, through Sopot and also through Kasszuby and Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy.
Transport rental services – buses, vans, limousines and chauffeured cars for each occasion.

Due to our experience and a large number of tourist events we have managed, we have developed preferential agreements with transport companies offering high class tourist coaches, buses/minibuses, vans/minivans. We also have chauffeured cars and limousines. The chauffeurs whom we employ to service our customers are courteous to clients and possess professional experience… We also help to optimize the routes, which contributes to the reduction of transport costs.
Tourism guidance – professional Polish speaking and English speaking staff

We ourselves are qualified tourist guides with fairly substantial professional experience, which makes it possible for us to select proper staff to run our tourist events. We are friends with a number of tried and trustworthy tourist city guides from Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Warsaw, Cracow, etc and regional guides from Pomorze and Mazury and also mountain guides… Our staff speak foreign languages and some of our guides and tourist pilots are experts in chosen topics concerning the history of a given town or region. The mediation of our travel agency in arrangement of pilots and guides guarantees high quality of the ordered services.


Booking plane tickets, or cheap flying.

Our travel agency is in possession of an internet tool, which makes it possible to search and compare and then book a plane ticket. Our airline consolidator can search tickets for low cost and for traditional airlines… An advantage of our offer is that the connections can be sorted according to a given airline – air carrier, length of flight, number of connections or the price. We offer plane tickets from any airport in the world for very competitive prices which are often lower than the prices offered directly by the air careers.


Tourist insurance or safe travels

We sell insurance policies useful for various types of journey. A tourist insurance policy often means a small expense which protects tourists during any frequently costly random events.


–  In the year 2008, the main prize in the micro-companies prestige competition “The Leader of the Gdańsk Enterprise” (organized by the President of Gdańsk) was a statuette of the Gdańsk Cog, an occasional diploma, notebook (founded by SEVENET), a payment card loaded with 4,000 PLN (Polish zloty) and, what is most important, a promotional share of our company. It provides recognition of activities in the sphere of original new concepts of tourist products and of our contribution to the promotion of Gdańsk. What stimulated the particular interest of the jury of the competition was the way of promotion of our products and the application of new technologies in the running of our company.
–  In October 2008 our company was distinguished in the ranking list of “10 BEST TOP – TEN” of the eleventh edition of the Catalogue of Conference Buildings and Conference Services “Conferences in Poland” www.meetingspoland.pl 2009 in the category “Event-related Companies and Programmes.”
–  In February 2009 our travel agency JOYTRIP.PL won the main prize in the contest for the best tourist product of Gdańsk. The contest was organized by the Gdańsk Tourist Organization. The prize was 20,000 PLN (Polish Zlotys) designated for the implementation of our idea. The awarded product was the city game “The Lord of the Amber”

Tri-City appears as a kind of phenomenon. Three separate structures with strikingly different environments that evolved into one mega city. Gdansk, the largest and the oldest one is the cradle of history and culture of the region. Sopot, despite being the smallest one, has developed into a seaside resort and the centre of entertainment. Gdynia is the youngest, the most modern and the most prosperous city with lots of investments. All three cities are sandwiched between the Baltic Sea and the wild forests of the national park.

There are no fixed administrative borders between the cities but going from one end of Tri-City to the other (a 30 km distance) you’ll surely feel the uniqueness and singularity of each of them.

Here are our profiles:


Chief manager and creator of the JOYevent brand. He graduated from the Tourism and Hotel Industry faculty of the Univeristy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk. During his studies he spent one semester in Hochschule in Bremen, Germany. He has a precious skill of building lasting relations with customers, subcontractors, and colleagues. He is not afraid of crisis situations as he has an almost innate ability to solve problems. He gained his rich experience in organising trips during many years of cooperation with Ideatour Germanus and he also mastered event management skills at the same time.

He is an experienced tour guide, massage therapist, and a yacht helmsman. In private life he is an amateur traveller and photographer and a keen yachtsman.



He joined JOYevent in 2013 and became its inseparable element straightaway. His adventure with the event industry started already during his studies and he devoted himself to it totally. He is the co-creator of many programmes. His permanent smile and energy make impossible things become possible. He knows what to do, how to do it and why – he coordinates, entertains, and if necessary he manages: work, fleet, objects, time, and warehouse. He follows the rule ‘everything can be done’, so there are not many things that can surprise him.

In private life he is a great fan of football who loves reading about the history of Poland. He uses his energy at the trainings of the Gdańsk football club SKS Polonia Gdańsk, whose captain he is as a matter of fact.



For a long time, she was the only woman in the team of Joyevent who skilfully lowered high testosterone condensation. She is a graduate of the Journalism and Public Relations faculty of the University of Gdańsk. At work she likes to deal with several issues at a time, there are no hopeless projects for her. She is considered to be conscientious and meticulous – there’s nothing that will go unnoticed in her presence. She believes that success is the result of engagement, development, and honesty. When needed, she transforms into a copywriter and tries to turn some thoughts into words.

She is a fan of reportage, which she loves greatly. She adores discussions on it and making others love it too. She is keen on puzzles and atmospheric bookstores.



He has been in the Joyevent team since mid-2016 and he won the favour and sympathy of the partners, colleagues, and clients instantly. He is a graduate of the Tourism and Hotel Industry faculty of the University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk. He gained experience in event organisation in several prestigious hotels in Tricity and finally joined the light side of the Force. He is an actor by avocation (he even played in a TV series) and a talented cook. He compares his work in event industry to kitchen work. In his opinion in both cases the skills and people whom you serve matter.

He is a member of cabaret improvisation group ‘Im prościej’, which took his heart and soul. You can see it perform on many stages in Tricity.



The good soul of our office, its protector and guardian angel. Upon her wish piles of unidentified documents are arranged in alphabetical order. She is meticulous, values honesty and is sensitive to details. She is irreplaceable in paper work. She does not fear new challenges such as for example different tours for which she is responsible. She has travel programmes at her fingernails. She can plan sightseeing and entertainment for any age group. She is in love with Gdańsk and tracks down the city’s history and mysteries with passion. She wins the sympathy of the entire group straightaway as a licenced Tricity guide.

In private life she is primarily a proud mom of three sons. She is a loving, warm, and empathetic person devoted to social work.



A natural born master of logistics and logic. He has been connected with Joyevent for many years – his presence at an event is a guarantee of success. He can prepare an event even in the dark! He never says ‘it cannot be done’. He is responsible for the technical side of our events the most often as it has no mysteries for him. He is a real handyman. He will find a solution of every technical problem. At the same time he is resistant to time pressure and work overload. A multitasker. He manages a food place with really good results.

He is engaged in social work, empathetic and responsible.




Manager of the IDEAtour department. The oldest worker of our agency, both in age and seniority. He is a graduate of the German Department of the University of Gdańsk (who went on a scholarship to the University of Bremen). He seems to have achieved everything in the tourist industry as he has been part of it since 1996. He is an incoming tour operator, a tour guide, the author of several dozen tourist programmes and an interpreter. He makes good use of his knowledge and experience and likes being in the swim at the same time.

After work, he enjoys active travelling, discovering other cultures, mountain hiking and kayaking trips. In his free time he relaxes while reading about sociology and art history.



The name of the city speaks for itself. For centuries it has been the jewel in the crown among Polish cities. However, it has always emphasized its uniqueness and the fact that it used to be called a ‘Free City’ (when outside Poland at wartime). The oldest part of Gdansk witnessed the battle with crusaders which goes back to the Middle Ages. At the turn of 16th and 17th century the city also belonged to the Hanseatic League which comprised an alliance of trading guilds that established and maintained a trade monopoly over the Baltic Sea and most of Northern Europe. At that time Gdansk was one of the richest and of the most prosperous cities in Europe. It attracted merchants and craftsmen from Germany, Scotland, the Netherlands who have left their imprints on the local art and architecture. Dluga Street, onto which Polish kings used to walk when visiting Pomerania, is the most popular street of the city. It’s along this street where the most important historical buildings are situated.
It was also in Gdansk, where the World War II began in 1939. One must also remember about the shipyard workers who, together with their leader Lech Walesa, established the “Solidarity” movement and contributed to the fall of Communism in Poland and Central Europe.

But it’s not only the past that counts. The present is as much important. Today Gdansk is a modern city frequently visited by tourists from Poland and all over the world.

There is absolutely nothing you couldn’t buy here and the most famous and popular brands have fought for their market position in this marvelous city.

Amber, a golden-yellowish rare mineral is what makes Gdansk so popular among foreigners. Amber jewellery is unique and if you wish to buy something really beautiful there is no better place in the world than Gdansk.

The city is bustling with life, swarming with restaurants, pubs and clubs. It also plays host to all cultural events and supports the entertainment industry. Dominican Fair (Jarmark Dominikanski) is one of the most famous events that attracts salespeople from the whole country who, pursuing the Middle Ages’ tradition, promote and advertise their products.

Gdansk attracts also many artists who wish to receive critical acclaim by playing on the stage of the theatre or the opera. But we mustn’t forget that Gdansk is an important seaport, which makes the city more and more multicultural.


Poles consider Sopot as the city with the highest standard of living. And this is not without a reason. A sandy beach, a deep-green forest, posh restaurants in Monte Cassino Street- everything you need within just a walking distance.
Sopot’s pride and joy is the pier, an over 500 m long wooden construction which is one of the longest walking piers in Europe. In Summer most cultural or sports events take place on the pier.

Sopot’s status as a seaside resort confirms the evocative Art Nouveau architecture that has been widely admired by the tourists and city’s residents alike.

In Sopot you can also enjoy a versatile and tempting offer of health farms or play and relax in Sopot Aqua Park.

Each August Sopot plays host to the annual International Sopot Song Festival. The Opera Lesna in the heart of the Tri-City forest is where you can watch and listen to the best artists arriving in Sopot and still feel the special atmosphere of this magic place. Today Sopot bustles with cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs. Nightlife and countless summer events is what makes this city so popular. So let yourself be mesmerized by this remarkable resort where you will surely find something for yourself.


It was only about 80 years ago that Gdynia was granted city rights but the youngest part of Tri-City has been growing and developing rapidly. As one of the most important commercial, naval and fishing port on the Baltic Sea it has become an essential part of Polish economy. It didn’t take long when it gained the opinion of one of the most prosperous cities in Poland.

As in every harbour you can see here frigates, yachts and even warships sailing into the docks. Commerce has been flourishing, the number of new companies and factories has mushroomed and the city itself is getting more and more modern. Kosciuszki Square and the boulevard are two most popular tourist attractions of the city. The latter is also the favourite walking area where you can breathe in some crisp, balmy air and hear the soothing gentle wash of the sea waves on the beach. When visiting Gdynia you’ll also have a chance to look into two ‘gems’ of the Polish fleet- two museum ships Gdynia is so proud of. These are an impressive three- mast frigate ‘Dar Pomorza’ and a destroyer- the warship ‘Blyskawica’. If you are in the square you can also visit the Oceanographic Museum where you can admire the amazing world of both: marine plants and creatures.

The beach in Gdynia hosts ‘the Summer Theatre Stage’. So if you are a theatre lover you should definitely see one of the most interesting plays of the season. In a beautiful and magic scenery, so much different from the conventional theatre stage you will feel absolutely mesmerized and hypnotized.

Water sports, beach volleyball, suntanned boys and girls- this all stands for Gdynia in Summer. But Winter and Spring in the city offer as many exciting experiences as Summer. You can still enjoy your time in best restaurants, pubs or clubs localized mostly in Swietojanska Street, which is the main shopping street of the city. Spending spree highly recommended!