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Thanks to our experience in organizing many trips and events in Tri-City and around Poland we’ve had a pleasure to meet the best licensed tour guides and city guides. We’ve chosen to work only with the best ones that work with passion and enchant the listeners with their stories. We always try to find the best guide according to groups age, interests, origin etc. We can help you find a guide that can speak English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italian, German or Russian language. But actually if you are looking for a guide speaking in any other language we will do everything to help you find one. We have prepared few tours around Tri-City and surroundings that already include the services of licensed city guides. You can check them in our CULTURE section.
Among traditional tours we have also managed to offer unique ways of exploring Tri-City with SIGHTSEEING TOUR ON BIKE, 7-SEATER BIKE SIGHTSEEING TOUR and SIGHTSEEING TOUR IN KAYAK. As we are Gdansk-based company our tours mainly include guides in Tri-City – Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia, but we also know many guides all over Poland, so if you are looking for one in a different city, we would be more than happy to help you as well. Moreover we can offer you services of our translators during business meetings, corporate events etc. Their linguistic skills verified with a certificate and good manners will help you obtain the highest quality of negotiations.
We invite you to use our service.