Conferences and congresses / Logistics and service

The infrastructure and the place for your conference

The Polish Seaside and Trójmiasto in particular continually move up the ranking of sites congenial for the organization of conferences and congresses. The infrastructure in Gdańsk or Sopot, which was built exclusively for the service of MICE sector has long ago achieved the European standard. Moreover, we can also arrange a few sub-industrial buildings which, due to its cubature can accommodate really big conferences and congresses. To crown it all, Trójmiasto lies not only among woods and parks, but, first of all, at the seaside. Here are the conference localisations, which, JOYTRIP.PL selects and books for you as a part of any cooperation agreement.

1. Standard conference room
Professional rooms which are often related to hotels2. An original locale for a conference
Owing to the interesting history of our region and to its specific industry we have at our disposal buildings in the Gdańsk Shipyard, Gdańsk museums, castles and palaces and also “mobile” conference sites arranged on sailboats, and the ships moored within the area of Trójmiasto.

3. Accommodation
For the participants of a conference or a big congress we have hotels of top standard and best localization as well