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Hypnotic Party

A show with a hypnotist is an amazing experience, filled with surprising phenomena and unexpected turns, which you will surely remember for a long time. The main characters of the show will be members of the audience, who, by means of their hidden talents, will become media and the centers of further developments. All elements of the show are absolutely safe and presented with a large dose of humor.

The show cannot be summarized in two or three sentences: it is an amazing event, which leaves the viewers with unforgettable impressions. The program includes walking barefoot on glass or throwing knives at a naked body, and many other attractions.

The culminating element is “cataleptic bridge” – hypnosis during which the great power of human mind’s concentration is presented. The hypnotist selects a few volunteers from among the audience. Those people become the main characters of the show. The bridge consists in suspending a hypnotized person on the backrests of two chairs. The person’s body is stiffened so that one can stand on his or her chest without bending the body and hurting the hypnotized person even in the slightest way.

Surprise your Guests with this unique experience, which will remain in their memories for months! Our company provides comprehensive service during the whole event and adjusts the program to specific requirements. We also take care of the sound system and lighting. Our program will ensure amazing experiences and make every meeting more attractive.

The hypnotist participating in our show is an experienced conjurer with proper education, who knows full well how to captivate and enchant the audience. For years he has developed his original programs, which are always successful. On request it is possible to modify and adjust the program to your specific requirements.