EVENING & INDOOR EVENTS / Team-building workshops

Workshops Of Magic And Card Tricks


Each and every one of us, at some point, dealt with card tricks, illusion or even with magic. Many times we were also curious about the mechanisms of the trick, we wondered how to repeat it or we pinched ourselves and didn’t want to believe that it had really happened.
During our illusion workshops, we will not only find out how the tricks work, but also we will learn some of them!

Our magician, who has special props, will reveal the secret
and teach us:

– coin tricks – how to pull a coin out of somebody’s ear…
– destroying real banknotes and making them reappear in their original form
– card trick, thanks to which we will be able to influence the choice of the colours and the value of cards
– smart dice throwing – thanks to which we will be able to chagne their values

The workshops will take place in groups and will last about 50 minutes. There is also a possibility to buy “magic” props for every participant, which later they could take home.
It’s worth to finish each workshop with the illusionist’s stage show with the presentation of micro-illusion (on additional charge)