EVENING & INDOOR EVENTS / Evening events


WYSTĘPY ARTYSTYCZNE znane z programów TV

Artistic performances are a perfect complement to every bonding event, although they may also be the core of such parties. Following the current trends, our company offers attractions prepared by people known from TV programs! Participants of talent shows will make your event unforgettable.

Komik - iluzjonista

If you would like your party to have a magical and unforgettable character, invite a conjurer, who will know how to enchant his or her audience. An experienced artist, at the same time participant of shows such as Got Talent, may become an interesting complement to or the main attraction of any bonding event. The comedian-conjurer will prepare a program in which he works his way through a tennis racket or juggles with machetes! The performance may be adjusted to the individual needs of the participants of a given event. This unique show encourages you to interact and involves the whole audience.


This kind of performance, in which the actor doesn’t use his or her voice, will give luster to any evening – the show in which no words, only gestures and facial expressions, are used stimulates your imagination and will certainly remain in each of the Participants’ memory for a long time. Moreover, pantomime is an international language, as emotions are always the same, regardless of what language we speak, and its elements of dance, theater, cabaret, circus, and numerous other attractions, are an interesting way of spending time. In each of the shows elements concerning your business, products or slogans may be incorporated – every performance can be adjusted to your specific needs… Pantomime guarantees a high-quality show and the breaking of all conventions!

Piaskowe animacjeSAND ANIMATIONS
Sand animations are amazing, touching stories created before the viewers’ eyes. The artist “draws” in sand in front of the viewers, which creates the final unique animation effect. Each Participant of this remarkable show has the possibility of cherishing the images shown on the projector. This artistic performance is universal. By means of sand animations the artist can tell the story of your company, present a new product, express thanks – in a word, this attraction will emphasize the uniqueness of every event. The original show is intensified by dedicated music, and the scenario is adjusted to the customer’s needs! One thing is certain – the show will leave unforgettable impressions in the viewers’ memories!

Pokaz i warsztaty lalkarstwaPUPPETRY SHOW AND WORKSHOPS
This original niche attraction which arrived in Poland with talent shows immediately won the hearts of various audiences. An artistic show with the use of puppets may be a captivating element of every evening. The scenario and music are suited to the occasion and the company’s needs. Puppet-making workshops are excellent as well – everyone, regardless of his or her age or skills, is able to create one; you will also have a chance to make an expressive mascot for your company.

We are flexible and open to your suggestions! Contact us and we will create an event for you. If there are artists that you would love to see at your party who are not mentioned on our offer, it is not a problem! We will spare no effort to meet your expectations and organize a memorable event…