OUTDOOR EVENTS / Team building - outdoor events

The Sea Regattas – professional sailing

Is sea sailing a dangerous sport for those who choose it? It is a false stereotype which we always try to contradict! We prove it at our integration events which are based just on sea regattas.


The regattas are organizedby professionals – the experienced sea wolves. Some additional protection such as a fast motor pontoon, the ship of the jury and the ever ready life saving and rescue equipment will make it possible even for landlubbers to play sailors. Even those who have never sailed or who cannot swim can safely join our play.


The entire group is divided into teams of four or five, each team being assigned to a licensed helmsman. However, before it happens, the participants of the event are officially welcomed and made familiar with safety rules and the organization rules of the regattas. During the first hour of the event the participants will be instructed how to sail and the team will be made ready for effective cooperation. Then all the teams will direct their steps towards the body of water where the route of the regatta will be marked out. At the appointed moment – the referee’s signal, the teams will start. The entire event will include a few regatta races in between of which there will be a lunch break. The lunch will be served on land. In the evening during a party (preferably with a maritime theme) the results will be announced and diploma and prizes will be handed out.


The atmosphere of the entire event is usually that of a healthy sports competition, which contributes to the cooperation and integration of the participants.


The best place to hold the regatta seems to be the vicinity of Górki Zachodnie in Gdańsk. Still, the regatta may also start from some other suggested place, eg. Sopot (additional fee).



  • The Charter of 8 safe sea yachts of the type Balt 23 Armour
  • The Charter of fast pontoon motor boat
  • The Charter of the jury
  • Organization of the regatta (marking of the body of water, the proper signalization)
  • 8 licensed helmsmen
  • 1 helmsman to drive the motorboat
  • 1 referee
  • Organization, logistics
  • Harbour Maintenance Fee
  • transport of the organizers and of the equipment
Points in: Team building + + + + +
Points in: Cooperating + + + + -
Points in: Adrenaline + + + - -
Points in: Rivalry + + + - -
Points in: Acquisition of knowledge + + - - -