EVENING & INDOOR EVENTS / Evening events

The Pirate night

Captain Tobias has sailed into town. His crew, decimated during numerous boardings, can’t sail anymore, so he needs new crewmen, who will be well paid for their help on his ship. An old tavern with pirate flags, old sails, oil lamps, ropes, barrels, anchors and nets on the walls, old maps and marine pictures – this is the atmosphere of the place where the Guests will meet Captain Tobias.

At the entrance to the tavern the Guests are welcomed by pirates and then divided into a few teams, the aim of which will be to join Tobias’s crew and gather as much gold, which will be given away in handfuls, as possible.
From now on, the Guests compete against each other, taking part in pirate and marine games and contests, which are to teach them the pirate life, in which no holds are barred!