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Sports simulator

Choosing this option you chose sport, entertainment and competition in one, and, what is more, you chose them all in any place and any time.

Our sports simulator can become an addition or the main point of an integration-entertainment event… Thanks to our video game console we will be transported to the virtual world where, on a large screen in HD technology we will be organizing tournaments, championships and simply individual games.


The rewards for participation in the game can become quite real; good sportsmanship and for observing the principles of fair play. Whoever wins – is the winner!!!






The advantage of our sports simulator is that it is really user friendly and that it provides an element of physical recreation which does not require serious preparation, physical fitness or special sports clothing. The video game console is plugged into multimedia projector or to a TV. 1 to 4 people can play at a time. The participants who are playing, hold wireless controllers in their hands so they can react to what is happening on the screen. Of course, in the case of any of the games, you should make sure you have a lot of free space so as not to damage anything or become injured in the heat of the fight – as happens with the real sport.







Bowling – what is required in a virtual skittles parlour is precision, a bit of skill and, of course, some luck. You can play solo or in the company of three others.


Golf– just like the previous game, this one also requires precision but, in this case, you will need much more training in order complete a round with a pre-determined, limited number of strokes


Tennis – a game for one two or four. All kinds of tennis strokes are accessible. You can smash the ball, topspin it, lob it, and hit a forehand, backhand and a volley.


Baseball – here we will play as opponents. One of the players must throw the ball in such a way so that his opponent had the least chance to hit it or to hit it well. Of course, the task of the other player is to hit the thrown ball as hard as he can.


Boxing – I left this discipline to discuss until the end since, as it is the only one, which uses two parts of the controller. In the case of this game, we make the moves with two hands by means of the controller.













  • Renting the sports simulator
  • Plugging in and configuration of the simulator
  • Service (also by the English Speaking staff) with instructions and coordination of the games according to a chosen scenario
  • Transport of the equipment and of the staff






  • Renting the multimedia projector, sound amplification and the screen (for an extra fee we can bring the necessary equipment, but the majority of the hotels where the group is accommodated has the relevant devices)
  • purchasing the awards (there is a possibility of ordering  cups with an engraved inscription, occasional diplomas, T-shirts or caps with an imprint and with the contestant’s number)