EVENING & INDOOR EVENTS / Evening events

Polish Vodka Night


In Poland, within the last years, the culture of alcohol drinking has been considerably changing. More and more Poles start to relish good wines and beers, the regional ones – meaning, those coming from small breweries. However, already since the Middle Ages, customs and culture of our society have been related to celebrating, connected with drinking stronger liquors. On Polish tables, besides famous Polish meads, honey liquors and other home-made cordials, there could always be found unflavoured vodka. Hundreds of years of such a feasting and the fact that in Poland there were practically no climatic conditions for wine grape cultivation caused that nowadays, in our country, there are several dozen kinds of vodka produced, a few of which are considered to be the best in the world!
Our evening with polish alcohols is exactly the story about the culture of alcohol drinking in Poland. Our animator will give a lecture on the history, also the “funny” one from the period of PRL, and present the range of the best Polish vodkas, cordials and liqueurs. We will also mention regional liquors, such as Goldwasser or Berenfang, and discuss the recipes for home-made cordials, based on spirit and fruit. We will also try to discuss the process of production of e.g. home-brew, vodka, and show the features of the best vodkas. An important element will be also coming across the elements that accompany alcohol drinking in Poland – thus, we will try Polish tartar, herring or home-made smoked meat, but what is the most important, we will learn Polish toasts. We will also pay attention to curative, healing aspect of alcohol, and present negative effects of alcohol on human organism.
The whole event will be connected with cultural tasting of Polish alcohols, learning how to mix and serve them, and with the interactive competitions, held by our animator. At the end, our guests will also receive the recipes for home-made cordials.

The price includes:
– organization and implementation of program by the animator, in English
– basic stand with light and sound system
– buying alcohol (min. 5 kinds of alcohol for each person, min. 30 g)
– renting a hall
– preparation of particular menu
– making tableware accessible for the sake of tasting
– symbolic awards, preparing and printing recipes for cordials