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Pirates of Hel

We invite you to a cruise on a cruise ship designed for tourist board trips on the open sea also in the winter season. Its length is 45 m, its width 8.20m; it has four masts and can take on board 200 passengers. Apart from the weather deck it has also a spacious room on its lower level.


We offer to organise an atmospheric evening on the deck of this galleon which will involve a trip to Hel. At your disposal will be the second deck and, weather permitting, you may also use the main deck. While sailing to Hel, the participants will be able to enjoy a few maritime tidbits:




  • Smoked salmon on a biscuit with caviar
  • sophisticated brands of French cheese on biscuits
  • sailor’s herring i.e. matias on a toast
  • cucumber boats with pickled meat.



  • mulled wine or beer or juice per person
  • coffee or tea (on the way back)


The basic option assumes taking the shortest route to Hel but there is also the possibility of yawing a bit (of deviating a bit from the course) and to go to the vicinity of old torpedo research stations dating back to World War II period. (for an additional fee) In this case the cruise will by 30-45 minutes longer.

After reaching Hel, the ship will wait for the guests in the harbour. Before lunch or dinner, which will be served in a restaurant, the group will be able to visit the lighthouse in Hel.

Then we will set off on our way back to Gdynia.

During the cruise we also offer you the following attractions for an additional fee:


Boarding of the RIB – This boat will travel under the ship and will kidnap seven people at a time on a regular basis. They will be taken onboard the boat and taken on a 10 minute speedy trip and, afterwards, the boat will come to take the next party of dare-devils. Meanwhile the ship is all the time continuing on its way to Hel. It is going to be absolutely safe. Everybody will have a lifejacket. It would be best if the majority of the crew do not know that any such event is planned for it would be a nice surprise to them.


Maritime games – baptism of the sailors, tygelwig or rope pulling, hammering of nails, tying knots. Each participant will be given a certificate of participation as a souvenir.


Irish music and Irish dances – a show connected with demonstration of the basic dance steps. Apart from the listening to merry music played by our live band, you will be able to participate in a crush course of Irish dances led by our animator. You can expect that this course will give you tons laughter and plenty of unforgettable impressions.


Sea shanties – the most popular maritime songs played by a live band.



  • The cruise from Gdynia to Hel and back to Gdynia with a few hours
    stopover on Hel.
  • Snacks and drinks during the cruise, according to the offer
  • layout and decoration relevant to the historical epoch.
  • visiting the lighthouse in Hel
  • attendance of the Travel Agency representative with knowledge of English



  • accident insurance
  • any extra attractions during the cruise organized according to the offer
  • photo-reportage
  • extra alcoholic drinks consumed during the cruise