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Molecular gastronomy – cooking below zero degrees?

Molecular gastronomy is a new phenomenon in Poland, which is only beginning to unfold before wider audiences. It uses scientific knowledge from the fields of chemistry and physics in order to prepare meals. The aim of the experiments is to obtain the purest taste possible, often with the use of unusual methods and sometimes in very surprising combinations. Tagliatelle with whiskey, bison grass and ice caviar and apple mousse shots prepared in liquid nitrogen, spherical mozzarella cheese ravioli on tomato jelly, fruit caviar with coconut milk foam, mojito sorbet – those are only some of the suggestions on our molecular menu. All of the dishes are spectacular and, of course, delicious! During the shows liquid nitrogen is often used, the temperature of which reaches -195.8 Celsius degrees. As a result, we are able to prepare e.g. fruit sorbets in a pure form, to which strong liquor, also frozen, may be added. We can use liquid nitrogen for frying, and in this way prepare various coolants! Molecular gastronomy workshops are a great event which perfectly fits into the program of long training sessions, conferences and bonding parties as a relaxing break raising the interest of its participants. All dishes are prepared before their eyes and served for tasting; additionally, a molecular buffet table is offered.