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LIP DUB – let’s make a video

LIP DUB – let’s  make a video

Lip dub – a type of music video in which numerous people appear moving their lips to prerecorded music. Therefore, our bonding party will take the form of a film set, which first will have to be prepared by the Participants themselves. Then, a sequence of scenes will be recorded to a song. As a result, an original movie will be created, in which every Participant will have his or her fragments. Creating a lip dub is a process which occupies everyone at the same time; its advantages are:
– team building: the created video is the effect of the whole group’s cooperation,
– fun: the Participants, often wearing abstract costumes, have a lot of fun,
– spontaneity: a lip dub is the effect of an idea implemented spontaneously by a group,
– authenticity: the actors (Participants), situations presented in the movie and the scenography are authentic.

We offer comprehensive preparation of the party, during which traditional catering is provided. Party animators responsible for each sub-group, experienced filmmakers with appropriate equipment, props and costumes are provided to the Participants. First, rehearsals are conducted with particular groups (video fragments), then the whole performance is recorded and edited so that the best version is obtained. The effect can be viewed only a few hours after recording!

Please note:
– The party may take place both indoors, e.g. in a conference room, at a restaurant, at a hotel, in your company’s offices, as well as outside – it is recommended to combine the two forms.
– The lip dub may also be used as a movie promoting your business!
– Examples of lip dubs:

Points in: Team building + + + + +
Points in: Cooperating + + + + +
Points in: Adrenaline + - - - -
Points in: Knowing the city + + + + +
Points in: Riddles + - - - -
Points in: Rivalry + - - - -
Points in: Acquisition of knowledge + - - - -