OUTDOOR EVENTS / Team building - outdoor events

Kashubian Après – crazy slide

You must have seen games on TV in which people build various structures and then use them for spectacular downhill slides. This time it is you who will undertake to build your own “sliding vehicle” by using e.g. old tires, a bathtub, inner tubes, and maybe even an old couch – we will provide all necessary materials and tools! You will be divided into groups of a few people and have an hour to build your own structure. You will name it, present it to the other teams, and, finally, use it to take a spectacular slide. Remember, it’s not only about sliding, but also about the looks of your vehicle and creativity. The most interesting design will receive an award.

The whole event will take the form of an Après Ski – a party organized e.g. in Alpine resorts after a day of skiing. Usually, on top of the slope music is played (DJ with music outside), the Guests dance on the snow and the bar tempts with attractive prices.

The event will take place on one of Kashubian skiing slopes, around a bar, where catering will be provided.

Our animator will also coordinate dancing on the snow and on tabletops!

Please note:
– There is a possibility of organizing skiing and snowboarding lessons and renting skiing equipment.
– Additionally, a sleigh ride may be organized.

Points in: Team building + + + + -
Points in: Cooperating + + + + -
Points in: Adrenaline + + + + -
Points in: Knowing the city + - - - -
Points in: Riddles + - - - -
Points in: Rivalry + + + - -
Points in: Acquisition of knowledge + + + - -