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Golf simulator

We have on offer for you a golf simulator designed with regard to the most recent of technological advances, reflecting the real conditions of the game by almost 90 per cent.

That’s it! It is indeed to that degree that the advanced system of sensors makes it possible to translate faithfully the real force with which the ball is hit in the virtual game field. And you must know that each match can be played in one of the 50 golf courses, which are perfectly reflected in the world of the virtual simulator. One of the main assets of the simulation is the possibility to play at it during part of the day in all weathers. It is also a very attractive option price-wise in comparison with the offer of traditional golf courses.

During each integration event in the vicinity of the Trójmiasto, its participants are sure to find a lot of fun in playing a few rounds of golf on two modern simulators. Fair and cultural competition, good focus and a lot of fun are the constant components for this kind of entertainment.

Those who wish to will be assisted by an experienced instructor, a member of PGA the (Professional Golfers’ Association) A little advice to start with will not hurt. And for sure this kind of advice has been profitable to many people.

A complement of the virtual entertainment is going to be a 200m driving range. It is a place where we learn how to make a stroke with a golf club and where we also improve the earlier acquired skills. The building is fully secured, roofed and well lit. You can therefore use it 24 hours a day, even when it rains.