EVENING & INDOOR EVENTS / Evening events

Event on the sailing frigate Dar Pomorza

The Dar Pomorza is a three-mast sailing ship bought by the people of Pomorze for the naval school in Gdynia as a sail training ship. It was the year 1929. But now, a few decades laterr, this frigate, apart from being a museum, can also take on another role, of which you can surely take advantage.

The Dar Pomorza is an ideal place for the organization of integration events, formal dinners and business meetings. Even though this frigate no longer sails, the scenarios of our events take the participants on a voyage around the world of the sea stories and pirates’ boarding.

We offer an atmospheric evening onboard the sailing ship The Dar Pomorza. Our guests can have at their disposal the rooms which were once used by sailors and which are therefore filled with the spirit
of the time.

The most exclusive and representative part is the Officers’ Mess at the stern of the frigate. We propose that larger groups, which want to have a party on the ship, should organize it on the open main deck or on the second deck. If we open the roofing on the deck of the Dar Pomorza, it is possible to organize a very elegant formal dinner in the open air, among the ropes, masts and sails.

If you decide on a standing party, the sailing ship the Dar Pomorza can, on its 80 meter long decks hold about 150 people.

During any parties and events we also offer the scenarios based on pirates’ excesses and on maritime games. A recital of sea shanties by
a group or an elegant Jazz band can add to entertainment of each party.



  • The formal dinner onboard the Dar Pomorza (four course formal dinner, cold snacks, alcohol drinks and soft drinks)
  • decoration of tables and chairs and the proper layout on the ship
  • maritime games
  • hiring the ship for the event
  • attendance of a representative from our travel agency