EVENING & INDOOR EVENTS / Evening events

Evening with karaoke

To kick off with we offer a karaoke evening. We will be singing together alongside a barrel of beer!




Karaoke is great fun and a wonderful method of relaxation and integration. Vocal skills are unimportant. What counts here is the will to be involved and a good sense of humour. Apart from that a microphone, some lyrics on a screen, a well-knit bunch, a little spontaneity and we are sure to have a great evening!


What is more, each karaoke evening can evolve into a dancing party till late hours.




During a karaoke evening we provide:


The room, the equipment, sound amplification , microphones, projector and a singing MC, who will run the unforgettable party. If there is any interest, we may organize a contest for the best vocalist and the best singer singing out of tune. We can also arrange a freestyle competition where you will be able to present your vocal-poetic talents.