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Comedy improv night

A night with comedy is, by definition, a night of laughter and fun. Comedy improvs inspired by guidelines from the audience guarantee a stomachache from laughing and the risk of falling off your chair!

Theater and comedy improvs are performances in which the actors work without a previously prepared scenario. Creation of an improvised show is based on the ingenuity of both the actors and the audience. Depending on the viewers’ suggestions, the show may incorporate comic, dramatic or even absurd elements.

Comedy improvs can take on a number of forms. The most popular are IMPROVISED GAMES – short scenes or skits (each game is a scene of about five minutes). Each of those has slightly different rules, which are briefly explained to the viewers by one of the actors. All of the games require ideas from the audience, e.g. what characters are to be played, where the scene should take place, what problem a given character has, etc.

A MINISERIES is another, slightly longer form of improv. Taking into consideration suggestions from the audience, the actors perform an episode of an imaginary show, modeled on some existing TV series (The Bold and the Beautiful, etc.). Together with the audience, the actors invent characters, relationships between them, and the place of action.