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Brew some beer, will you? – bonding brewery workshops

In recent years, the culture of beer drinking has significantly developed, and also come full circle.
Why is that? We tend to drink more and more regional beers, including, as it used to be before, ones coming from small, family breweries. Additionally, more and more people are trying to brew their own beer at home. It is homemade beer that we will teach you to brew during our workshops! Our experienced home brewer, member of the Polish Association of Home Brewers, will deliver a short lecture introducing you to the general principles of beer brewing and consumption. We will learn, among others, what kinds of beer there are, what ingredients are used and what the process of fermentation looks like as well as what kinds of beer glassware can be found.

The practical brewing workshops will take place in smaller groups. We will put on some aprons, stand at the prepared table, touch hops or kibble various kinds of malt. The most important moment will be preparing beer wort with the use of so-called brew-kit or malt extracts with hops, which will be mixed and heated up in a pot; finally, the wort will be ready to taste.

However, the most awaited part of the workshops will be the pouring of prepared beer from a “kegerator,” the capping and labeling of bottles, and, above all, the tasting of a few unusual kinds of craft beer!

In order to sum up and verify the gained knowledge, we will also propose a funny quiz with thematic prizes – a brewing kit with necessary equipment and ingredients to prepare one’s own homemade beer.

Enjoy the brewing!

P.S. Each of the Participants will come home with a bottle of beer drinkable after about two weeks.