OUTDOOR EVENTS / Team building - outdoor events

Bonding on the snow

Bonding parties for companies in the mountains – skiing or snowboarding – are a perfect offer to anyone, regardless of your age and physical fitness.
Experienced instructors, a well-selected and prepared slope and learning through play are the main factors influencing the effectiveness of skiing and snowboarding lessons.
JOYTRIP.PL applies all of the abovementioned rules while organizing our winter bonding events. Also, since we love winter sports, we know that there is no one who would be unable to learn skiing or snowboarding.
During a bonding event of this kind we also provide an appropriate skiing resort in the Polish, Slovakian or Czech mountains, although the best resorts can of course be found in Alpine countries, that is in Austria, Italy or France. Still, our large experience in organizing skiing trips has allowed us to find the best ski centers, which are always selected to suit our customers’ individual needs. We also do our best to find appropriate accommodations and catering.
Another element of a winter bonding party is a good program. The Participants, grouped according to their level of advancement, under the supervision of our instructors, learn or perfect their skiing or snowboarding technique. To make the program a little more attractive, skiing competitions, slalom slides, skiing with torches, slope parties, sleigh rides and “crazy slides” are organized as well. Additionally, we also rent skiing and snowboarding equipment and provide the most economical skiing subscription cards – ski passes.
A party of this kind is not a mere skiing course, but a game during which the Participants bond through recreation!
Evenings organized during winter trips are also very original – from closed parties with casinos, karaoke and conjurers’ shows, to folklore parties with highland bands and their traditional games!
For an additional fee, one may participate in an event like this, the so-called GÓRALSKIE ŚPASY.
We say śpasy, you say party. Highland robbers with their women will drop by to participate in lowlanders’ party and ensure good fun. During those events, a band welcomes the Guests in a way typical of the robbers, with highland music, which will also serve to entertain the lowlanders.
With your dinner, the harnaś (robber-band chieftain) will tell stories from the good old times; you will also enjoy the presentation of highland dance.
To perk up the atmosphere, various tests are organized, e.g.:
* the smoked ewe’s milk cheese test – telling the difference between various highland cheeses and teas,
* the robber’s ski (a team test with the use of only one ski, but not on the snow) – a competition with the use of the harnaś drink of power.

ATTENTION! The main attraction of the night will be the “Baptism of a Robber” – shaving in stocks!
* driving nails with robbers’ hammers – the highland breathalyzer,
* the Strongest Lowlander contest, that is carrying a bucket filled with …,
So that you don’t sit too much, the band invites you to dance.
* After you’ve moved to the rhythm, time will come to select the gaździnka (woman) of the night (the criteria include the ability to dance and peel grule – potatoes).
* Then it’s time for a spectacular robbers’ dance with alpenstocks,
* and then – selecting the robber of the night during a dance contest.
The final part of the night is making a robber’s vow before the harnaś and his companions.
For participation in the robbers’ tests prizes are planned in the form of regional souvenirs. On special request it is possible to take photographs to commemorate the most important figures at the party.
The program may be extended or modified, depending on earlier arrangements. Estimated duration of the event: three hours.

Points in: Team building + + + + -
Points in: Cooperating + + + + -
Points in: Adrenaline + + + + -
Points in: Knowing the city + - - - -
Points in: Riddles + - - - -
Points in: Rivalry + + + - -
Points in: Acquisition of knowledge + + + - -