OUTDOOR EVENTS / Team building - outdoor events

Bonding on an Ice-rink

A meeting on an ice-rink may remind you of your childhood, which must be a distant time of your life. Therefore, a short warm-up is recommended at the beginning to refresh the basics of ice skating. Our animator-instructor will remind you how to take off safely and will explain the ways of safe stopping. Now all that’s left is a double toe loop, an axel and, finally, a flip…

Of course, for the purpose of our event, the ice-rink will be at our exclusive disposal. We will also ensure good music to relax the atmosphere; the Participants will receive costume elements: on the spot we will see who will get to be a pirate, a Russian general or a witch!

Points in: Team building + + + + -
Points in: Cooperating + + - - -
Points in: Adrenaline + + + + -
Points in: Knowing the city + - - - -
Points in: Riddles + - - - -
Points in: Rivalry + + + - -
Points in: Acquisition of knowledge + - - - -