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Barman show

Flair SHOW

Flair SHOW is an impressive spectacle, full of positive vibrations, which will add charm to each evening. With its ingenuous and loose form of entertaining quests, this event is sure to be seen as successful and will stay long in the memory of all guests.


We offer you a fully professional Barman Show. The leading actor is one of our best barmen, Jakub Gorzewski, the Vice-Champion of Poland and Ireland, participant in multiple editions of Polish exclusive league IFL and the finalist of its latest edition in the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw. The king of the bar in 2007.

In the show “I have talent” (“Mam talent”) he enchanted the audience and he had 3 YESes from the jury.

The shows featuring him are fully professional and of a top standard, having their screenplay well harmonized with the music set!



  • Fully professional barman show up to 20 minutes
  •  Full arrangement of a mobile bar at which the show is going to take place – glasses, bartender equipment , assortment of various kinds of alcohol, extras (fruit, juices, soft drinks, syrups).
  •  6 cocktails prepared during the working flair for the spectators of the show
  • Contests for the audience
  • non-skid mats
  •  pyrotechnic effects (flares, setting the bar on fire)
  • Transport to the place of the event