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Amber chamber

THE HUNT FOR THE AMBER CHAMBER – an adventure with the gold of the Baltic Sea

This option is an unique way of exploring Tri-City and its attractions. Its program is based on discovering the “everyday life” of the local people and learning new facts about cultural heritage of the region.

Everyone can participate in this programme, no matter what age or skills. We will take you for an interesting walk in the Old Town of Gdansk and in Gdynia.

First you meet with our guide and you go with him/her to the manufacture of amber jewellery. The place that you are about to see is one of the biggest in the region and it employs several dozen of people. This manufacture is almost a factory of amber jewellery and it consists of few production departments. On the guided tour the group will learn about the whole production process starting from selecting of the right amber stones, polishing, designing, bonding with silver or gold, until the final processing of jewellery. After the tour the participants will have the chance too see and buy the final products.

Next step is the transfer by private coach (alternatively for the extra charge the group can be transferred from Gdynia to Gdansk by a cruise ship or a RIB – a very fast motorboat) to Gdansk where our guide will take you on the tour in the Old Town of Gdansk, leading you through the most interesting parts of the city and explaining what influence the amber has had on the life of its citizens. The last part of our trip will be a visit in the new museum in Gdansk – The Amber Museum, which is set in the old House of Torture. Here the participants will have the chance to admire the beauty of true masterpieces made of amber.

There is no doubt that after this trip everyone will know how to recognize a real amber stone and everyone will come back home with a small piece of amber in the pocket – guaranteed and included for free in the price of the tour.

Points in: Team building + + + - -
Points in: Cooperating + + - - -
Points in: Knowing the city + + + + +
Points in: Riddles + + + - -
Points in: Acquisition of knowledge + + + + +