OUTDOOR EVENTS / Team building - outdoor events

Adrenaline rush from A to E

Prepare for Adrenaline Rush!

It is right in the middle of Tri-City. A high level of adrenaline is guaranteed.

Here’s what’s included:

a)       Paintball – a fake war using the guns with paint. The game is very dynamic and realistic therefore is full of excitement. There are many scenarios such as  taking over the opponent’s camp or rescuing a hostage which make paintball so thrilling.

b)       Off road – We will take you on a professional track, which shows how good our 4X4s are in off road ride. Steep downhill or uphill ride, roadblocks, mud, and everything else that you can find in wild forest will be on your way. Satisfaction guaranteed.

c)       Quads – Driving a four-wheeled machine has never been more exciting. A short training is given to each of the participants eager to enjoy their time driving a quad bike. First you ride for about 15 min on 2 special tracks as a training for what’s about to come. Then you go for about

15 minute wild off-road ride with your instructor into the forest.

d)       Jump from the tree – a chance to climb on a tree and the jump from about 15m

e)       Line Park – this is a path above the ground, between the trees


Everything under the watchful eyes of qualified instructors.

Duration: about 4 hours

What is included: Paintball – including all equipment hire + 200 paintballs per person, Off road – 20 min/per person,

Quads – 30 min/per person, one jump, one walk in the line park, instructors, return private transfers, English speaking guide

Points in: Team building + + + - -
Points in: Cooperating + + + - -
Points in: Adrenaline + + + - -
Points in: Rivalry + + + - -