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The lords of the Amber

It is a city game, a game where the city itself is our board and participants become pawns.


Participants will impersonate the medieval merchants and their job is to find precious jewel – amber stone – and then deliver it to Russian buyers travelling on the Amber Road towards the Italian Aquileia


But this won’t be easy. To succeed participants will have to solve many riddles and tasks and find important messengers that will give them essential information.


First participants will have to find pieces of amber on the beach and then polish it in one of the amber manufactures. During the game they will receive special maps with hints that will lead them to various figures from the past. Step by step it will eventually lead them to mysterious buyers.

Duration: 5h


What is included: private transfers, pieces of amber on the beach, entrance and guided tour in amber manufacture, organization of the whole game (programme, maps etc),
3 characters of the past, prizes for 3 best teams, attendance of our representative with knowledge of English

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