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Gdańsk was always, and still is the Free City. It was Gdańsk – the city of Hanza, where European trade lanes were once crossing each other, and it was here that famous Europeans of different nations were living. Probably, more than one housewife or court chef enriched their recipes by novelties, coming from Netherlands, England, France or the neighbour, taking care of kosherness of their dishes.
Our city game “Tastes of Gdańsk” is a travel through the history of Gdańsk, seen through the prism of the old and recent tastes and smells of the Free City. We are going to go back to the Golden XVI Century, we will look at the time of PRL, which was not so long ago, or look for the remains of the Old-Polish cuisine.
Our board is the Main, the Young and the Old City of Gdańsk, with the most interesting historic monuments and beautiful lanes. Players, being divided into groups of 4-5, will be supposed to find the recipe of Gdańsk Goldwasser liquor. Each group will have to look for the information in an old and a bit shabby cook-book, finding out about characteristic figures of Gdańsk and using the city’s map. During the travel, the players will visit some sophisticated restaurants/ bars, where they are going to taste different dishes and drinks, or make their own dumplings.
One thing is sure – not only will the players fill their stomachs, but also satisfy their hunger for the information…
We wish you a tasty game…

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