BEDRIFTSEVENTS / kveldsarrangementer

Many cooks make excellent broth

The proverb “too many cooks spoil the broth” is no longer valid


nowadays. You can check it yourself… We offer a game: you can play cooks while you are assisted by the best kitchen chefs. For the event


we are booking exclusive use of a climatic restaurant. On entering the restaurant the participants are greeted with a glass of wine a glass of sake or with traditional liquor. After a short introduction by our kitchen chief, everybody is given an apron and some necessary kitchen utensils. All the participants are assigned to tables with the respective foodstuff and there, by the table, an experienced cook will teach them how to make a particular dish. The meetings can take different forms:  it can be cooking together for fun or it can be a competition where groups compete with each other. Despite the form of the event, cooking is treated as a tool for building up and strengthening the team.


Atmospheric music in the background, proper lights and other extra stuff such as photos, books and objects characteristic for a given cuisine will be in place. At the end you will be treated to a special evening meal accompanied by some attractions.


Do not worry about washing the dishes – we are going to do it for you!





Our favourite topics of integration and culinary parties are as follows:


–          “GRANDE COOKING called CUCINARE”, or Italian pasta cooking class in a few acts.


–          “NIGRI, POPPIES and the drinking of SAKE” – or the Japanese art of preparation of sushi


–          “THE GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE?” –  You praise the exotic but you cook pierogi and bigos”; the Polish national cuisine








  • Booking of the restaurant with a sound system and due stylization
  • the cooking class overseen by an experienced cook
  • preparation of the required kitchen equipment (dishes, tables, kitchen utensils, aprons, etc.)
  • preparation and provision of foodstuffs of which the foods will be made
  • the welcome drink
  • the two-course supper, a glass of wine, soft drinks, juices
  • organisation and coordination of the party by an MC.