BEDRIFTSEVENTS / kveldsarrangementer

Havana Club

Cuba, the year 1951 – the island known as the pearl of the Caribbean but also the island of sin. The last days of President Batista’s rule. But so far the President is doing well. It is here that the action takes place. A very exclusive casino. The highest bids on the tables. The best rum, the best cigars, the finest music and the most beautiful girls in all of Havana. The creme de la creme, the elite of society. It is here that you will meet the greatest of this world. Alberto da Silva or the showman Eminence Grise. Actually, he is the true boss. He is the one who controls half of Havana. He has connections wherever and with whoever you need. He plays a double and, if need be, a triple game. You’d better stay out of his way or, if you by any chance need to have to do anything with him, it is better to have him on your side. Juanita Ferreira, the female leader and host is Silva’s Woman. Hers is the strong-arm leadership of the casino. And she is indeed an expert in her business. It is through her mediation that you can get access to the boss. You can negotiate a little credit or you may pawn something to play a bit longer. But the party is going on! Music, music, music! So hot and so stimulating that it prevents you from standing still.


  • The showman, leader of the event – a professional actor will coordinate the art and entertainment part. He determines the flavour and the tempo of the event and supervises the games and competitions during the party – he even sings.
  • The casino – one full-sized table, deluxe version + croupier staff in costumes and with the make up (you may choose between American roulette, blackjack and poker).
  • The money – the banknotes which you will be using as your cash, is a very important item!!! The name of your currency can be derived from the name of your company (ikeases, pezetos, boshes, lotos etc.) Your cash can be used in many ways: you can accept it as payment for the drinks and alcohol which you sell to other participants of the game; you can also use it to pay for your participation in competitions and games and, of course (!!!) you can use it to play in the casino and to buy prizes in an auction. For an extra fee we can make banknotes with the images of the Directors, the Managers, or with the logo of the firm.
  • Field firing range – in the partisan camp in an enclosed space the recruits will be undergoing military training… Equipment such as an AK47, M15, THOMSON, personal BERETTA will be not unknown to anyone… and for the Champions… well, they can expect a surprise from us.
  • Sound amplification and the light – due to these background factors its going to be fun, top quality and professional. The event is going to be catered for by a sound specialist.


  • Dance show – three professional woman-dancers, a few kinds of dynamic choreography with different, changing, moods. A possibility of demonstration lessons of Latino dances in costumes and make up.
  • Disc Jockey – a professional, certified DJ will be playing hot rhythms for you.
  • Audio-Visual Layout – thematic projection (multimedia projector)
  • The jail – it is here that a police photo of you will be snapped, and your fingerprints will be taken, and, to make things “worse”, you will be put in jail. Remember, the prison officer can be bribed.
  • The partisans’ camp – everyone who reaches that place will be trained in all possible ways: to start with you will take a small crash course in defusing bomblets and then a lesson in target shooting etc. After you have passed the training courses we will hand you the truest ID.
  • Secretos agentos, tobacco club – if someone by any chance runs out of cash, he or she may try his or her luck playing three card poker or playing dice with the boss of the Club. The black one wins, the red one loses… well, how did it go? But still, you can pawn something or maybe one day your fortune will change.
  • Docs-in-the-box – here will come those with the greatest merits in all fields. Our highly professional nurse Dolores will take a good care of them. She has a cure for all ailments – she will examine those veterans, check their blood pressure, give “a tincture”. And if it does not help – you will get “a tincture” nevertheless.



  • the MC
  • one full-sized table with croupiers
  • Field firing range with the instructor
  • Layout, lights, sound amplification
  • transport of the organizers within the area of  Trójmiasto.