BEDRIFTSEVENTS / hendelser Friluftsliv


What kind of shape should the boat have or how to steer it? Answers for these and many other questions should be resolved during our team-building boat builder workshops.
The biggest advantage of this activity is the fact, that the final effect of our work is a physical product, something that you can try on your own and something you can literally make from start to finish.
Each team will receive a plan, instructions and special building materials, overalls and tools, which will be essential to build a boat.
Although the boatbuilding art requires some special techniques, each team will have some flexibility in the final design of the boat and the full rights to give it an official name. The most important thing though, apart from its colours or name, will be the fact if it sinks or not, right after launching. Our experienced boat builder expert will take care of all that and will give you all the tips and rules during the workshops.
So after hard work with the hammer and chisel in their hands participants will solemnly name the boat, launch it and try its navigability on the water. To make our event even more enjoyable, we can arrange
a race between all the teams on their brand new boats.
We can arrange this activity in any outdoor place, although given its characteristics we would suggest a beach near the sea or lake.
You can also think about giving the final products for charity auctions, which will add that extra value to your hard work.

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