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Undoubtedly, everyone has at least once wanted to participate in a game show, but only few people have managed to accomplish it. It can all change today! You are encouraged to enter the magical world of game shows, in which each and every one of you will be able to participate in a program like this! During the party, the Guests will have an opportunity to take part in contests resembling well-known TV game shows (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud). The game will be led by a professional actor who will impersonate the famous people hosting the TV shows, and the Participants will be divided into groups, within which they will choose their delegates for particular games. The party may start with the grand quiz, in which the teams will answer questions using specially prepared forms. It is worth every effort, because the money you win can be exchanged for prizes at the bar!

Importantly, the questions and answers for particular game shows can be written so that they are connected with a given industry, company or even specific people. Of course, everything with good taste and a great dose of humor!