OUTDOOR EVENTS / Team building - outdoor events

The deepest sea fishing

You probably more than once imagined this:…a group of friends in a small yacht set off to the sea to have fun under the pretext of fishing. And that’s what we offer you.

We set off from Gdansk and spend about 8 hours on the sea.

We turn on the plumb and look for a school of fish.

Next, you cast your fishing rods and after a moment you struggle with fish. The success is guaranteed! In the meantime you’ll eat something and drink tea or coffee…

With this option we take a typical fishing boat, which can take no more than 20 people at one time (for safety reasons). If there’s going to be more participants, you will be separated in two groups, and taken on the sea in two fishing boats. These two boats would go simultaneously.


This activity starts early in the morning (about 7am).





Duration: 8 hours


What is included: full fishing equipment, cruise, hot soup and sausages, snacks, tea & coffee on board, return private transfers, English speaking guide

Points in: Team building + + + + -
Points in: Cooperating + - - - -
Points in: Adrenaline + + + - -
Points in: Rivalry + + + + -
Points in: Acquisition of knowledge + + + + -